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Planet Torus has toroidal surface where torussians reside. If one projects it on the plane with periodic cylinder Mercadot projection then Torus appears as matrix with seven columns and their cells will be states. According to 28 decimal numeral system accepted on the planet, states are named in the style:

T00    T01    …    T06
T10    T11    …    T16
TA0    TA1    …    TA6
TR0    TR1    …   TR6

Mercadot was a famous traveler and cartographer, who resided in state T00, and was discoverer of planet’s map, which minimally distorts angles and distances. All states on Torus are approximately equivalent from topology point of view, so Mercadot developed atlas for all the Torus’s states. For example, the sketch map for the state TR6 look likes as follows:

TR6    TR0    …    TR5
T06    T00    …    T05
TQ6    TQ0    …    TQ5

As a peculiarity of toroidal surface, it is necessary to remark that the state T00, like any other Torus state, borders on with 8 states, not with 3 states as one can think before.

Uniform abbreviations are used for notation of neighbor states. For example, T00 habitants name TR0 as north neighbor (NN), TR6 as north-west neighbor (NW) and so on (if we go anticlockwise). Other states denote their neighbors in the same manner (NN, NW, WW, SW, SS, SE, EE, and NE). Possibly this is connected with direction of magnetic fields of the planet.

As a result of civilization development in torussians galaxy there was discovered lots resembled planets. Their names are specified in astronomic catalog in the following way: Torus MxN, where M is a number of regions by vertical (latitude), N is a number of regions by horizontal (longitude). Such planet has MxN number of base regions (or states as in main planet Torus). According to classification the planet Torus has notation Torus 28x7.

Until recently the biggest planet (by partition) from discovered planets was Torus 36x36. To describe its topology torussians invented hexatridecimal numerical system BASE 36. According to the theory, regions on the planet Torus 36x36 are enumerated from T00 to TZZ.

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