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DATENAME function

The function DATENAME ( datepart , date ) returns a character string representing the specified datepart of the specified date. An argument representing the datepart can be one of the values listed in above table.

The function gives us a simple opportunity to concatenate the date components to get any required format. For example, the query

  1. SELECT DATENAME(weekday, '20031231' )+', ' + DATENAME(day, '20031231') +
  2. ' ' + DATENAME(month, '20031231') + ' ' + DATENAME(year,'20031231');
gives the following result:

Wednesday, 31 December 2003

Notice that DATENAME function reveals the difference between day and dayofyear values of the datepart argument. The first gives a character representation of the day of the specified date, whereas the second gives a character representation of this day from the origin of a year, i.e.

  1. SELECT DATENAME(day, '20031231');
gives 31, but

  1. SELECT DATENAME(dayofyear, '20031231');
results in 365.

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